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CEO Greeting
“The World is one market”
Develop global competitiveness with EXTRANS!

We now live in a global world. The era of globalization has come. Globalization in the 21st century is not the matter of choice, but of survival. The wave of globalization is reshaping the world from not only a philosophical but also an economic standpoint. As countries undergo relentless competition, they are bound together to engage in economic activities across borders.

Globalization causes the economic territory to widen with the development of communications and transportation technology. Globalization comes faster with the sequences of FTAs between countries, which results in lowered trade barriers. Those who are competitive in their fields should have more opportunities to develop themselves in far larger markets. EXTRANS connects all around the world, EXTRANS has its own strategies and distinctions.

In addition to excelling in business, EXTRANS fosters a global organizational culture. We firmly believe in our continuous pursuit of improvement, driven by innovation and breakthroughs. With this dedication, EXTRANS will strive to elevate itself and meet the challenges of an ever-changing global landscape.

CSO  Larry Lee            

CEO  Brad Lee