The power of logistics that moves the world!

That is the power of extrans.

Global Manpower

Extrans Global has dedicated teams in each branch to facilitate smooth global conferences. Our team members are adept at understanding customer needs from various regions, making it effortless for clients worldwide to communicate their requirements. Additionally, we have logistics experts stationed at each branch who are well-versed in handling the transportation of electrical materials, ensuring seamless delivery of electronic cargos. With years of experience in the field, our warehouse and logistics personnel excel in handling electric materials with the utmost safety and efficiency.

Global Expertise in Efficient Logistics and Freight Solutions

We offer comprehensive services encompassing import and export declarations, storage, logistics, and transportation of various goods, including high value electronic materials. Our one-stop solution ensures smooth handling, re-packing, and customs issuance for all cargo. Additionally, we provide a modern ERP system for new customers, promoting paperless operations and efficient record-keeping.

Our customer-centric approach includes a dedicated team to address customer inquiries promptly. Feel at ease knowing that our customer service experts will swiftly and effortlessly resolve any issues you encounter.

Competitive Pricing and Operational Excellence

Extrans Global boasts strong partnerships with global aircraft and shipping carriers, enabling us to secure competitive prices through direct contracts. We excel in providing valuable transportation solutions to our clients, thanks to our long standing connections in the industry.

With most branches equipped with CFS and warehouses, storing and exporting cargo becomes a seamless process for our clients, as we have warehouses strategically located in logistics hotspots over the world.

Vendor and Supplier Administration

Our internal system and processes ensures seamless customer management, offering end-to-end services for both imports and exports. With a one-stop approach, we handle all administrative steps involved in the process. To keep our clients informed, we provide detailed freight tracking reports and share relevant information for their reference.

Utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we prioritize and expedite the handling of cargo based on customer needs. This efficient system allows us to manage shipments effectively and ensures swift delivery for high-priority items while effectively managing others.