The power of logistics that moves the world!

That is the power of extrans.

Management Philosophy


It’s the basic philosophy of all services that EXTRANS is aiming for.

‘Customer Respect’

By incorporating robust quality management practices and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to customer safety and satisfaction, we constantly strive to elevate the overall customer experience and value.


‘People Respect’

We strive to develop our services and create a culture of respect for talent, believing that the future of our organization depends on the mindset and capabilities of each member.


‘Cultural Respect’

We prioritize cultural and custom-sensitive service delivery, strive for excellence in all aspects on a global scale, and aspire to be recognized as esteemed individuals and organizations within the global business community.


EXTRANS will make leaps forward as a global logistics provider that creates services for customer satisfation based on its management concept, Respect.