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Extrans Global and Daewoo Logistics Partner up for a Joint Venture!


 🎉Exciting News - Daewoo-Extrans Joint Venture Unveils Operations in Myanmar! 🎉

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking chapter in our journey—the establishment of Daewoo-Extrans in Myanmar! This momentous collaboration brings together the strengths and expertise of Daewoo Logistics and Extrans Global.


Extrans Global, a leader in global logistics, joins forces with Daewoo Logistics, a trusted name in the industry. Our shared commitment to excellence and innovation propels us forward as we set new benchmarks in logistics, offering seamless services globally.


It is with great honor that we unveil our partnership with Daewoo-Extrans.


This venture represents a fusion of expertise, values, and a shared vision for the future. Together, we are determined to become the cornerstone of logistics within Myanmar.

In close collaboration with Daewoo Logistics, we are dedicated to aligning our goals, strategies, and values. Our aim is to introduce innovative solutions, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute significantly to the growth of Myanmar's logistics sector.


Myanmar's strategic location between major economies in Asia positions it as a crucial hub for international trade and commerce. As the country experiences economic growth and political stability, it presents a golden opportunity for global logistics providers. The inclusion of Myanmar in our network enhances our ability to connect continents and streamline logistics processes by providing more comprehensive services to our clients and partners. 



We sincerely express our gratitude for your continued support as we embark on this exciting journey of growth and collaboration.

🙌 Thank You for being an integral part of our journey. Your continued support inspires us to reach new heights! Let's embark on this exciting adventure together, shaping the future of logistics.

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