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EXTRANS GLOBAL - Weekly Logistics Operation Update - Week 05

📌Weekly Logistics Highlights:

This week's notable events encompass setbacks in Hong Kong's $18 billion airport expansion, Cathay Pacific's hiring push in mainland China, disruptions in Shanghai's exports due to a truck driver strike, and Extrans Global providing insights into varied economic developments across Asian nations.

💙Good to know🧡

In 2020, the global air cargo industry transported over 68 million metric tonnes of goods, playing a crucial role in maintaining the supply chain and delivering essential goods during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.


 Hong Kong, China

🔹 Setback in the Skies: Hong Kong's $18 Billion Airport Upgrade Faces Over Year Delay

Hong Kong's highly anticipated $18.1 billion airport expansion hits a roadblock, with completion now delayed until at least the end of 2025. Originally slated for the end of 2024, the delay in the second terminal development deals a blow to the Asian financial hub's post-Covid economic aspirations.

🔹 Navigating Future Waves: Hong Kong's Maritime Vision Revealed during Singapore Sojourn

Secretary for Transport and Logistics Lam Sai-hung unveils Hong Kong's long-term strategies for port, maritime, and logistics industries. Launched in December 2023, these plans respond to post-Covid industry transformations, emphasizing risk diversification and the emergence of new trade patterns.



  Shenzhen, China

🔹 Taking Flight Again: Cathay Pacific Recruits 100 Chinese Cabin Crew in Bold Rebuilding Move

Cathay Pacific Airways embarks on post-coronavirus rebuilding, recruiting 100 cabin crew in its first mainland China drive. The move, part of a larger plan to hire 1,500 individuals from across the border by 2025, signals a commitment to diversifying staff, with a focus on Mandarin-speaking flight attendants. 



 Guangzhou, China

🔹 Logistics Hub Rising: Guangzhou's Baiyun Gears Up for World-Class Cluster

The Guangzhou Baiyun International Logistics Industry Summit marks the city's ambitions for a world-class logistics cluster. Key projects like the Baiyun Railway Station and Guangzhou International Port position Guangzhou as a vital hub for China-Europe freight.



 Shanghai, China

🔹 Strikes Send Shockwaves: Shanghai's Third-Day Protest Threatens China's Export Hub

A third day of truck driver strikes in Shanghai's main harbor district raises concerns over the impact on the world's busiest container port. The public demonstration reflects frustrations over rising consumer prices and fuel costs, potentially disrupting China's exports.

🔹 Shanghai Shines: Business Environment Revolution with Online Registration System

Shanghai makes significant strides in enhancing its business environment with 43 new policies and measures. The introduction of an online company registration system, a first in China, showcases the city's commitment to efficiency and an amiable business climate.



 Tianjin, China

🔹 Cherry Dreams Come True: Tianjin Port Celebrates Fruits of Coordinated Development

Coordinated development among Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei manifests as a ship carrying cherries from Chile docks at Tianjin Port. The streamlined logistics process symbolizes the benefits of regional collaboration.

🔹 Nepal Charts New Waters: Maiden Export Through China's Tianjin Port

Nepal exports goods through China under the China-Nepal Transit Transport Agreement, marking a significant step in economic cooperation. The first batch, including instant noodles destined for Japan, sets the stage for a new chapter in China-Nepal economic ties.



 Qingdao, China





🔹 Vietnam's Export Odyssey: Navigating Challenges and Capitalizing on FTAs

Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade leverages signed free trade agreements (FTAs) to diversify markets and boost exports. Amidst global economic challenges, the focus is on gaining $377 billion in export revenue through official channels.

🔹 ITL's Vision: Billion-Dollar Ambitions in Logistics ITL adopts a strategic approach

In 2023, using internal resources to transform challenges into opportunities. CEO Ben Anh emphasizes a long-term strategy, dedicating time to research new development opportunities despite market slowdowns.



 South Korea

🔹 Manufacturing Momentum: South Korea's Factory Activity Expands After 19 Months

South Korea's factory activity expands in January, breaking a 19-month contraction streak. The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) reaching 51.2 reflects growth in output and orders.

🔹 C-commerce Rising: China's Strategy Influences South Korean E-commerce Market

Chinese e-commerce companies intensify their expansion into the South Korean market with a 'Koreanization strategy.' This strategy, involving logistics centers and zero commission fees, leads to a significant increase in cross-border purchases by Korean consumers.




🔹 UPS Realigns: Global Workforce Reduction of Nearly 12,000 in 2024

UPS announces plans to lay off nearly 12,000 employees globally, aiming to align resources in 2024 and save nearly $1 billion. The decision follows a substantial year-over-year decline in revenue. 




🔹 Apparel Industry Upheaval: Bangladesh Cuts Subsidies, Faces Shipping Challenges

Bangladeshi apparel factory owners express concern as the government withdraws cash incentives for key garment items, impacting 55% of total industry exports. Simultaneously, increased freight charges and longer sailing times pose challenges for Bangladesh's apparel exporters.

🔹 Red Sea Diversion Sends Shipping Costs Soaring for Bangladesh Apparel Exporters

Shipping challenges escalate for Bangladesh apparel exporters due to a more than 30% increase in freight charges and an additional 15 days in sailing time. Rerouting away from the Red Sea, a vital shipping route, contributes to higher costs and risks.


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