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Extrans Global and Tam Group Partner up for a Joint Venture!

Extrans Global Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Tam Group, a global GSSA company based in Hong Kong, established a joint venture to expand their GSA business. On March 21st, an opening ceremony was held at the Extrans Korea office, attended by executives from both companies.

As a result, starting from April 1st, the company will operate under the name TAMEX C., LTD. The first representative will be Lee Sang-ho, CEO of Extrans Global, with the company's CEO position alternating between the two sides every two years.

This joint venture aims to provide cargo transportation services with expertise in General Sales Agent (GSA) distribution. The plan is to expand the GSA business through strategic cooperation based on TAM GROUP's global network and Extrans Global's sales.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Extrans Global operates 15 branch offices in 7 countries worldwide. Their business areas include freight forwarding, CFS logistics, 3PL, warehouse operations, and cross-border transportation.

Tam Group, established in 1977, currently has 27 branch offices in 10 countries globally. Their business is divided into passenger, cruise, and cargo services, providing GSA services for airlines such as Air India, Saudi Airlines, Latam Cargo, and Air China Cargo.

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