The Power of Logistics to Move the World!
It's the Power of EXTRANS.


  • Total Global Logistics and VMI

    Total Global Logistics and VMI

    Total Global Logistics Services
    Combined with our air, ocean, brokerage, and consolidation services, our distribution capabilities provide global seamless logistics solutions for complete supply chain management. Due to Extrans commitment to one system implemented globally, we can integrate all of your product information from supplier to end-user into one Internet visible, real-time, data flow. This offers our customers a solution in which ownership and accountability can be maintained in one provider thus ensuring smooth and reliable total service provision
    Vendor Managed Inventory
    Extrans can provide you or a supplier with a quick and easy way to set up local warehousing and distribution without the large investment in infrastructure. Ex Trans system will enable you to have stock levels of multiple vendors easily reported and show transactions in those inventories.
  • Sea Freight

    Sea Freight

    As one of leading sea freight forwarders, we can handle large volumes on a global basis or specific requirements on a single route at any time and to any destination.

    We can manage your shipments on an individual basis or as part of an integrated supply chain solution.
    A comprehensive range of capabilities are available for inbound, outbound and cross-trade movements.
  • Air Freight

    Air Freight

    A core element of our freight management service offering is the ability to move single or complex shipments by air, at any time and to any destination.

    A full range of time-definite delivery and specialized services are also available to meet specific requirements. Supported through our customer orientated program, we have airline partnership agreements with major carriers, providing preferred access to competitive pricing and capacity.
  • Trucking Service

    Trucking Service

    We offer Trucking Service for forwarding cargos from cargo download to our warehouses to forwarding cargo to the destination within quick service.

    We have a trucking team to transport cargos to the destination by management for trucking team. Also we have the control system and person to track the cargo gone where and doing the next actions


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