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Extrans Global - What is GSA / GSSA / CSA / BB Agent / S.C ?

🔹General Sales Agent (GSA)



A General Sales Agent, is an organization or company that represents an airline or multiple airlines in a specific geographical area. They have the exclusive right to sell cargo & passenger space in a specific region or country. Therefore they act as an airline in that specific region or country.


Role of GSA

Based on their role, they act as a local sales and marketing team for the airline or shipping line, reaching out to customers like freight forwarders and shippers. Further, they handle inquiries, make reservations, and provide customer support.


Importance of GSA

Most importantly, they provide information about the available routes, services, rates, and any special promotions or discounts offered by the airline or shipping line. The GSA handles the sales process, including negotiating rates, preparing quotes, and securing bookings for cargo shipments.

By engaging the services of a GSA, airlines and shipping lines can leverage their expertise in sales, marketing, and local market knowledge to expand their customer base, increase cargo volumes, and optimize their revenue streams within a specific region or market.


*GSSA(General Sales & Service Agency)

: A broad concept that is GSA + carries out cargo commercialization, operation, and management supervision services.



🔹CSA (Cargo Sales Agency)



: CSA is an airline's sales method in which airlines contract to multiple cargo sales agents abroad. And airlines manage it by themselves.

A Cargo Sales Agency (CSA) specializes in selling and promoting the cargo transportation services of airlines or shipping lines. Their main focus is on the movement of goods and merchandise.


Role of CSA

CSAs play a crucial role in facilitating the transportation of cargo by actively marketing and promoting cargo services to potential customers such as freight forwarders, shippers, and logistics companies. They act as the sales representative or agent for the cargo division of an airline or shipping line.


Importance of CSA

In summary, a Cargo Sales Agency specializes in promoting and selling cargo transportation services. They actively engage with customers, secure cargo bookings, and facilitate the movement of goods. CSAs play a crucial role in expanding the customer base, maximizing cargo revenue, and maintaining strong relationships within the cargo industry.




🔹BB Agent(Break Bulk Agent)




Role of BB agent

From the departure airport, when the air shipment is carried out by combining cargoes from multiple shippers into one bulk cargo, a BB agent(import forwarder or console company) will break down the received bulk cargo at the destination airport.



Importance of BB Agent

In other words, cargo from multiple exporters sending cargo via the same route (e.g. from Hong Kong to Incheon) is consolidated at the bonded warehouse at the export destination airport or at the CFS. For air, it is in ULD units and for sea, it is mostly in containers.


Through this, one unitized cargo is created, and two or more House bills can be issued to one Master bill. Afterwards, this bulk cargo that arrives at the import destination breaks up in HAWB units by the BB agent.





🔹S.C (Service Contract)



S.C is a service contract between a shipper with a certain amount of cargo(Usually bulk cargo) and a shipping company. It is a kind of Volume Discount Contract.


The shipper provides a certain cargo volume (quantity, etc.) during the contract period, and the shipping company guarantees a lower fare than the tariff rate as well as certain services such as space, transportation period, and port of call.


*It is particularly commonly used and known as the term ‘CAP’ for cargoes to North America.

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