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Extrans Global has gained Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status!

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As a global freight forwarder, Extrans Global recognizes the significant advantages of being an Appointed Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). As such, we are excited to announce Extrans Global has now gained the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status!

Having the AEO status allows us to provide many more benefits to our valuable clients and partners! In case you were wondering what exactly does this status provide, here are some details below!


1. Customs Facilitation

By having AEO status, Extrans Global can enjoy streamlined customs procedures and faster clearance of goods at Korean borders as well as partnering countries with established Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs). This leads to reduced delays and enhanced supply chain efficiency.


2. Cost Savings

Being an AEO helps Extrans Global save costs through lower inspection fees, reduced security requirements, and fewer physical and documentary inspections. These cost savings will directly benefit our clients and partners in overall shipment and logistics costs.


3. Enhanced Security

AEO status requires Extrans Global to meet specific security criteria, ensuring the safety and integrity of cargo. This provides reassurance to trading partners and governments regarding the company's commitment to security across the entire logistics chain.


4. Improved Reputation

Achieving AEO status demonstrates Extrans Global's dedication to compliance, reliability, and best practices in international trade. Extrans Global continuously strives to provide premier service across all entire product and service line; with continuous improvements and innovations in all aspects provided to customers and partners.


5. Access to Trade Facilitation Programs

As an AEO, Extrans Global is eligible to participate in additional trade facilitation programs and initiatives offered by Korean customs authorities. These programs provide further benefits, such as simplified administrative procedures, mutual recognition agreements and transportation subsidies. 




By being an Appointed AEO in the Korea region, Extrans Global gains a competitive edge in the international trade landscape. The benefits of AEO status contribute to smoother operations, reduced costs, and improved business opportunities that we provide directly towards our clients and partners.


For more information about Extrans Global and our services enquire through our website!


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