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Dangerous Goods Service(DG)

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1. EXTRANS South China DG Service

Associates : Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou

Shipping by Hong Kong (Hong Kong → Incheon/Busan)

Dangerous goods from South China that need to be shipped to Korea!
Don’t worry anymore and proceed by sea through Hong Kong.
  • Specialized Dangerous Goods(DG) shipment in South China, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Huizhou
  • One-Stop Service of Cargo Pick-up, Customs, China-Hong Kong LTL Border Transport, Ocean Console Shipment
2. EXTRANS Shanghai DG Service

Associates : Shanghai

DG (Dangerous Goods) Handling

By Stable DG Customs Process Establishment,
China Air/Sea Import, Export and Inland transport
EXTRANS Shanghai : By Stable DG Customs Process Establishment, China Air/Sea Import, Export and Inland transport
DG (Dangerous Goods) Handling

EXTRANS Shanghai Strengh

  • Customs know-how

    • Accumulating know-how in the process of identifying, preparing and reviewing required documents by ITEM
  • Ability to cope with unusual situations

    Ability to cope with unusual situations

    • If additional documentation is required to be submitted, provide a guide to meet the requirements
    • If customs requisition documents are not available, suggest alternative forms
    • Provide consulting if necessary to resolve problems through customs referral
  • Dedicated Man-power

    Dedicated Man-power

    • Having dedicated staffs for DG clearance and Freight
  • Ability to cope with unusual situations

    Ability to cope with unusual situations

    • Efficient Processing of DG Import and Export in China through Shanghai Geographic Benefits
    • Partnership with customs clearance companies specializing in dangerous goods
    • One-stop service (Customs clearance to Freight)

Main Handling DG ITEM

  • Battery
  • Flammable liquid
    Flammable liquid
  • Oxidizing Substances
    Oxidizing Substances
  • Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances
    Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances
  • Available for Overall DG cargo handling
    Available for Overall DG cargo handling
3. What is Dangerous Goods?

Definition of Dangerous Goods

From a logistical standpoint, dangerous goods are products, raw materials, and freight for which
belong to the International Regulations for Dangerous Goods (UN Regulations).

Dangerous Goods Criteria

Determined by means of transportation (air/sea/rail/truck) and local national legislation
ex) Cosmetics that are classified as dangerous goods in air transport,are identified as general freight in sea
transport and products that have been shipped as dangerous goods in the United States are
classified as general freight in Europe.

United Nations regulations

United Nations regulationsUnited Nations regulations

DG classification

CLASS 1 Explosives
CLASS 2 Gases
CLASS 3 Flammable Liquids
CLASS 4 Flammable solids
CLASS 5 Oxidizing substances&Organic peroxides
CLASS 6 Toxic&Infectious substances
CLASS 7 Radioactive material
CLASS 8 Corrosive substances
CLASS 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances

To check DG

You can check MSDS documentation for dangerous goods by means of transportation.

What is MSDS?

  • Definition

    • MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)
    • Safe Handling Management Manual for Products
    • Manufacturers of all chemical products need to prepare material safety and health data in accordance with the Product
      Liability Act
    • MSDS must be completed in Safety Data Sheets (SDS) format according to the criteria of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
  • Understanding

    • Only when MSDS can be reviewed in detail and analyzed clearly to ensure safe transportation and incident response
    • MSDS, prepared according to the GHS Standards, provides information on materials in 16 categories and can be prepared for packaging and marking of hazardous substances.
    • Transport information provides information based on international DG standards so that it can be accurately determined

Why is it difficult to transport and clear dangerous goods in China?

  • Since the 2015 Tianjin Port explosion, China has significantly strengthened regulations on import and export control of dangerous goods,
    making shipping and customs clearance of dangerous goods very difficult
  • Korea-bound routes through Shandong Weihai Ferry are also limited in use since China’s customs procedures was strengthened.
  • Customs clearance and transportation via informal channels even bearing the high expenses and large RISKs for dangerous goods from most
    South China (Guangdong Province)
EXTRANS Dangerous Goods Transport Competitiveness
EXTRANS Dangerous Goods Transport Competitiveness
DG Customs Specialization
  • Separate operation of customs clearance department of Shenzhen branch
  • DG Customs Specialist
  • Cooperate with DG Customs Service
  • Most DG cargo clearance available
낮음 운임
low freight rate
  • Medium-Steel Charging: Reduced cost of LTL (Console Vehicle) operation between
    Shenzhen and Hong Kong
    ※ In case of other company, the DG cargo is operated as a single vehicle, resulting in high costs.
  • Ocean freight charges: reduction of ocean freight charges through container console
    ※ Low ocean freight rates and DG surcharge compared to DG FCL fares.
Fixed schedule
Fixed schedule
  • Regular LTL (Console Vehicle) operation for SZX DG Warehouse ~ Hong Kong warehouse
  • Regular Container Consol box for Hong Kong - Incheon/Busan (Four times a week)
  • Securing stable space through Direct contract with shipping lines (KMTC, HEUNG-A)


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